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MeWe redesign

Redesign of the popular social media platform "MeWe"

UI/UX project
Self guided

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The product

MeWe is a next-gen social media platform
that operates on user subscription fees 
rather than advertisements and selling 
user information

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Interactive prototype

Feel free to interact with the prototype on the right.

An interactive prototype makes it easier to do primary user testing band gives insights early on in the designing process.


Design process

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Secondary research

Two services  among others 
that MeWe heavily borrows from

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Smiling Man

Name: Akasuki sato     
Age: 42
Occupation: Stock analyst


The buisness professional

The gist: Chinese born, works for an international company and thus travels a lot. Born to conservative parents. He is the second generation of college graduates in his family.

Needs: uses the app to keep in touch with business contacts.
He also uses the app to learn about the current affairs and news about the region he is travelling.

Problems: finds it hard to discover pages on local news networks. calender does not sync with other devices and is hard to access. requires the cloud to sync storage between all devices. Needs to find saved posts quickly to brush up on  important information before meetings

Design heirachy

Page heirarchy

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Primary research

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You can find the complete research process and results  here

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Dark mode

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