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The product

Avvez is a dating platform like no other. It utilizes AI learning, direct voice chat, and talk room functionalities to offer the user a more personalized and intimate dating experience.

Interactive prototype

Feel free to interact with the prototype on the right.

An interactive prototype makes it easier to do primary user testing band gives insights early on in the designing process.

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Design process 


Competitor analysis


Primary research


Empathy Mapping 


Defining problems 

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User personas

Young Woman with Short Hair

Name: Natalie Bush  
Age: 25
Occupation: PHD student


The traveller

The gist: American born, loves to travel. studying for her doctorate in the UK. uses dating apps to meet people during her travels.

Needs: quick easy app to meet multiple people in a short period of time. Priorities lie with quick conversations and hookups. 

Problems: finds current apps to be confusing and too hard to navigate to an intermittent user. Also find most apps too slow to find someone, feels most current apps to be very shallow.


Group 28.png
Group 28.png

Visual language 

Colour palette 

Font: Dosis extra light


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Font: Dosis medium


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-9.png

Login page

A clean and simple login page will have a sign up with Google/Facebook option available inside the sign-up page

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-3.png

Onboarding questionare 

Simple onboarding procedure with only one question per page and mostly dropdown and MCQ option types.

On the bottom, the hearts act as a percentage completion bar.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-8.png

Main swipe page

The main swipe page is simple, it is a  slide down to view system, but images can quickly be changed by tapping on the screen.

The buttons on the right show no of pics.

The bottom panel has buttons to like, send a gift pin, send a message and undo. However, the like option can also be activated by swiping right.

there are four primary tabs connect, community chat and profile

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup.png

Chat page

chat page shows your matches and allows you to chat with them 

the top bar shows your matches you haven't started a conversation with and people that have liked you

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-4.png

Texting page

The chat bar is simple yet elegant with no unrequired features

You can block or unmatch someone using the settings menu on the top right corner

The interface promotes expression with images, gifs and videos. You can also send temporary/ vanishing images/ videos.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-2.png

Settings page

Look of all selection options are mede to match the look of the application.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-7.png

Its a match 

The "it's a match" popup is meant to instil a  sense of excitement in the user, the logo moves, and the mascot flies up, creating a sense of liveliness.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-6.png

Profile menu

The profile page is short and informative.

It provides the path to the shop, edits profile and preferences tab.

You can also access pinned and liked profiles from here 

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-5.png

Find voice room 

The profile page is short and informative.

It provides the path to the shop, edits profile and preferences tab.
the number of dots around the voice room shows the number of people tuned in to the room
you can also shift to quick meets mode and a  list of all available voice rooms from here from here

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup.png

Voice room
    attendee perspective

The attendee has a view of the time remaining on the top, also a countdown if the host is in a  private voice chat
The attendee has four interaction options, gift, message, remove mask and request a private conversation.

Each of these options is unlocked by sending one gift (AAVEZ token)

The attendee can also view the host's profile but not the ones of other attendees. Attendees can also choose to hide their profile picture from other attendees in the settings menu

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup-1.png

Voice room
   host perspective

The host view is different from the visitor in a few ways. The host can pull participants into a 30 s personal voice chat. The host can also kick or invite people.

the host can also view user profiles by clicking on their images

A live chat plays in the bottom right, but the host can only see the comments of people that have unmasked themselves. The host can still kick masked participants by selecting their texts.



The AVVEZ shop is a fantastic feature in itself

There are two currencies, 

          The AVVEZ token &
           Daily token

As the name suggests, the daily token is a promotional token with a 24 hr usage period.
After that, it expires.

The AVVEZ token is an extension of the AVVEZ coin and has a fixed value.

The token can also be converted into AVVEZ coin (current exchange rate), which can then be traded in the open market.

This also means that the AVVEZ token is a stable currency standard and can thus be used as a cash storage mechanism.

Avvez tokens can also be used as gifts where the receiver receives a dividend of the total tokens received.
Thus making your gifts effectively worth money.

expaneded (when clivked).png

Profile (expanded)

The AVVEZ profile page is designed to provide the most information while still keeping the user engaged with pictures.

Another exciting feature is the voice line option

its basically a 10-second voice clip that you can add onto your profile homepage, which the viewer can listen to 

Feel free to express yourself in this innovative format, be it a cheesy pickup line or a heartfelt poem.

The type of information one views in a profile (in order) is

                    Bio (Name Age & basic info)


                    Info question (user selected)

                    Life mantra 

                    External links (music,         

                    Galleries, linked accounts)

All the above information with images, videos and galleries of the user to keep them visually engaged.

Thank you for sticking with us

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