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MeWe is a next-gen social media platform

It  operates on user subscription fees 
rather than advertisements and selling 
user information  to advertisers


Hypothetical project



Period tracker 

is the current highest-rated period tracking application on the AppStore.

We completely overhauled the entire user interface and functionality of the application 


Hypothetical project

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Period Tracker

Manthan creations

 is an up and coming design studio.

A design studio however needs a personalized and unique web presence and an equally stunning website to match.

That's where we come in


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Manthan Creations 

Stream share

is a brand new application to facilitate easy exchange of streaming services between users. It aims to provide users with more options and more flexible rental options than those provided by the streaming services themselves.

Stream share also provides a deep library of information on all the available shows and movies so that people can make a more informed decision before renting a service.


movie title redesign.jpg

Stream Share

Avvez is a dating platform like no other.

It utilizes AI learning, direct voice chat, and talk room functionalities

to offer the user a more personalized and intimate dating experience.


spreading love across the globe


UI/UX & branding

Screenshot 2021-08-19 170113.jpg


Orbitrics is an Experience Management Platform that allows businesses to refine their customer and employee experience with accurate data-driven decisions.


It is an extremely easy to use and versatile software for companies of
all sizes. It helps users create personalized surveys that best reflect the ideology of the brand


UI/UX & branding



Clover pot 

 A personal finance management tool with over 15 different assets to invest in

Clover pot is a personal finance management tool that gives users unprecedented control over their money.

Under development



Clover Pot

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